Parts & Service

If you are experiencing an operational issue with your range and would like to request service, please fill out the online service request form below or contact the La Cornue National Service Center: 1–877-522‑6768

A service representative may contact you to get a better understanding of your problem. La Cornue Ranges are extremely reliable, so most times it just takes time to get familiar with the way your La Cornue Range works.

Request Service or Repair

Request Parts

Part requests could be purchased through our National parts supplier, Coast Parts and Supply: 
US Residents: 1–800-821-0244
Canadian Residents: 626-579-1500

The most common part needed for replacement is the oven lightbulb:

Château Oven Light bulb: 06FPGV01-100
CornuFé 90 Oven Light bulb: P090129


Locating the 
Model & Serial Numbers

Château Owners

There are two ways to find this information. Each Range has a warranty card included with the manuals; this card contains the Model and Serial numbers. If you have misplaced the warranty card, model and serial numbers are also printed on the range itself. To locate, simply open the left-hand storage drawer to find an ID plate with the inscribed information. For older Château models, the plate can be found on the inside of the left-hand oven control door.

CornuFé Owners

There are two ways to find this information: the front cover of the user manual or on the range itself. The user manual should have a silver sticker on the front cover with a 10 digit number. Serial numbers start with 7 or 8. The model number will start with C, eg, C1LF. If you have misplaced the User Manual, you may also find the serial number on an ID tag that is located underneath the storage drawer. To remove the storage drawer, lift up the ends of the plastic clips found on the drawer tracks located on the outside of the drawer. To release catches holding the drawer to the side rails, simply pull the drawer forward and away from the side rails.